Real Studios


We create tools for Building nations

We Start-up companies, Produce Digital content, Build brands & Consult for Local industries development.

We build Business systems that empower people across Africa.

Digital Education for Africa

free quality education for all

Mobile Farming

digital agriculture

Mobile investing for

national Industrialization

how we do it

We are made of three sub-divisions with one mission, working simultaneously on one goal under one management

it includes a Technology division, Software division and Multimedia studios. We develop hardware systems,

build software to run the systems and offer creative solutions to empower our users.

Software Systems

We build web based systems, desktop & mobile applications including databases to power our hardware.

Hardware Technologies

We design & produce consumer electronic devices, Industrial scale technologies & new product ideas.


We host digital media content, build brands & consult for local industrial development.

Creative Business

Development consultancy


why we do it

To democratize technology does not only mean to make it accessible but also to design & build the product with the ordinary

person in mind. That's our mission, building technology to address the needs of Africans, technology by the people for the people.