Africa! our target

Our approach to Africa is different in the sense that we research to find what the people need and develop technologies to address those needs. Our business model is simple, we take indigenous ideas, implement them to manufacture devices, build software systems and create solutions that empower the people, touching the lives of everyone from the Urban areas to the very remote Off-grid areas.  We are currently invested in several industries accross Africa, building systems that will impact the local economy and revolutionize the way people live & work. industries we are vested in includes;


Digital Education for Africa


Communal Solar power


Digital Virtual mobile farming

Moon OS

Operating System for Africa


Urban Planning program


Crowd-funded investment

Our Philosophy

"Hello World ... Our mission is to build technology systems that positively impact the life of ordinary Africans, building systems with Continental reach and Global recognition"

Muni I. Reindorf

 Deamer, Innovator, CEO

our team

Sam Adu-Asare


Dickson Panyin


Rod Cole

System Achitecture

Dr. Ackah-Nyamike


Fred Ashitey

Finanacial Cons.

Ponti Andre


Eben Benson

OEM Operations

Florence Amate

Business Development



Hardware development in our business process starts with our R&D team producing device prototypes based on local specification & industrial design and heads out to our OEM partners for mass production. The hardware team comprises Computer engineers, Technicians & Professionals who oversee Mass production, Quality control, Warehousing & distribution.



Software development comprises of a global network of associates & professionals with a very astute local team in charge of operating systems development, Content management systems, Applications & Web administration plus database monitoring. The team includes UI/UX designers, Programmers, System architects, Developers & Database technicians.



This is where we develop the Concepts, Build brands, Start-up projects, Create content and serve as a medium for third party Creators, Publishers or Entities engaged in our projects. This team is made of Designers, Producers, Content strategists, Brand managers, Research & business development professionals.