Projects portfolio

We have been involved in major projects throughout the region offering services from Business consulting, Product development, Brand development, Software systems to Creative advertising. Managing each project from conceptualization to implementation.

Our business relies on strategic partnerships accross the globe with professional associates working on our projects in tandem with out local team. We also work with OEM partners to develop hardware technologies & industrial scale manufacturing systems.


GEDAP Solar project

A project by the Association of Ghana Solar industries with funding from the World Bank to implement Solar systems at the remote off-grid areas in Ghana under the auspicies of the Ministry of Energy.

New Horizon Estate

A Real Estate development which uses modern technology to build very affordable houses with a self-sustainable green community, providing the best of amenities and improved livign standards for Ghanaians.

Kayz Apparel Factory

A fully functional Apparel factory producing uniforms, footwear, and other leather products for the Nigerian Armed forces in Abuja-Nigeria, Using locally sourced raw materials & state-of the art production facility producing 1000 pairs of shoes daily.

Castle Gate Investments

A conglomorate with vast investment in Real Estate deveopment, property managment, Construction supplies & Logistics. We have strategically established and developed the company taking it from a suburban start-up to an international player with operations in West Africa

Eldorado Force City

A housing project poised to change the skyline of Lagos in Nigeria consisting of Plush residential High-rise buildings  Apartment units & Luxury condors in Nigeria.

Rent Ghana

An initiative set up to help pre-finance rent for Ghanaians who cant afford rent deposits. An improvised mortgage system to help the housing deifict and support living standards for Ghanaians