Creative Studios

Our one stop shop for everything visual. This is where our design philosophy is visually crafted and presented in meaningful ways to impress our target audience. We are not shy to admit our creative studio is just there to Impress, and don't be surprise when we do. We offer a couple of services here which includes but not limited to;

Video & Audio production

As an organization with anthropological research as part of our core services, we have built up the capabilities over the years to produce audio-visual media content to help tell our stories better. We currently produce Documentaries, Commercials and Infomercials to international standards. We produce corporate introduction videos for presentations and Staff training videos as well.


Commercials & Informercials

Corporate introduction videos

Training videos & Voice-over production

Drone Surveilance & Aeriel photography

We have a team dedicated to aerial photography with a focus on surveillance, this works with our asset management system solution where we offer drone surveillance over assets owned by subscribed clients. This gives the client an updated real-time overview of their most valued assets, we employ heavy duty industrial drones with thermal imaging capability for this task. Clients can request for special one-time flyovers or subscribe to automated periodic flights over specified assets.

General Asset monitoring

Oil Pipeline & Power transmission line monitoring for the Energy, Oil & Gas industries

Project status monitoring for Construction companies

Incident area flyover, for Media, Government & agencies who require rapid situational assesment

Thermal imaging to generate heatmaps


We pioneered High quality 3D animations in the country with numerous projects spanning more than a decade now. We produced visualizations for National Road construction projects & Pre-construction Infrastructure visualizations, such as the Mallan Interchange, Kasoa interchange & even the Kumasi airport visualization was all done in 3D by our team. We also do rich 2D animations for all use cases, from logo reveals to animated mascots and corporate training animations. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss any project or concept you want animated to help you communicate your ideas and engage with your audience better.

Studio Equipment

We have invested in professional studio equipment to meet our standards for media content creation. We have made these equipment available for use in our state-of-the-art studio for any video/ audio production needs. We provide everything from the Studio space, High quality Cinema Cameras, Lights, lenses, mixers, microphones, cables and many more.