Industries we serve

Energy & Power

Our solution in tje Energy and power sector involves using software and data analytics to address the challenges of Power theft & mitigate Revenue loses by using a solution made of a centralized control center with mobile & desktop access points. We collect meta data from several contact and transfer points from the power generation units straight to the consumer's meter. We use the data collected through our algorithms to identify and isolate anomalies in the power distribution value chain to flag areas of concern. we try to reduce our dependancy on hardware devices to achieve our goals in this industry due to its vast infrastructure footprint, and rather rely on our software and algorithms to solve Energy & Power distribution problems.

Due to our software approach, our solution is very easy to deploy and can work with existing systems and already existing infrastructure, not only digital but analog ones as well. Our tried and tested Revenue protection system for the Energy sector touches all aspects of the distribution value chain and has proven versatile to integrating with existing systems and robust enough to adapt to any operating conditions. It works seamlessly and can easily integrate into your existing operating infrastructure without inteferring with ongoing operations.

The system connects all operations and stakeholders on one platform. It then use Data collection and process Automation powered by Advanced monitoring technology to provide Revenue protection through operational data analysis by detecting anomalies in the operational workflow. Our technology solutions for the Energy & Power industry include;

Meter indexing

We provide Power distributors with specially developed system that can help them map & index all operating meters in a specified area. Their Field officers are provided with a data collection & geotagging app that is used to map all installed meters to create a centralized portal where they can geolocate every meter in the country on a virtual map to ease in monitoring. All indexed meters are sent to a control central in realtime for further analysis to determine if there are anomalies in power consumption. It works with both Smart & Analog meters.

Power Transmission line Inspection

We have a very robust system for monitoring transmission lines over a wide area. This system works by deploying Drones to capture Line routes & other remote assets that cant be inspected physically by personnel. Such monitoring prevents Overgrowth of vegetation, 3rd-party Constructions in restricted areas, depracated equipment, & other hazards that can affect Power lines. It also helps in Monitoring ongoing installations & repair works. We offer; Scheduled Periodic & Emermency flights to identified incident areas.

Power theft Analyzer

This is a management system that analysis user power consumption to detect & flag anomalies. It works by analyzing data from multiple sources including;

Whistle-blowing from general Public.

Meter indexing & reporting by Field officers.

Power station consumption data.

Customer Billing & payment data.

Power Consumption data from meters

Consumption Analysis Control center

Our intelligent systems can monitor power consumption & bill payment trends to present a graphical analysis & patterns to show customers who are engaged in power theft. This is offered as part of the control center which comes with a panel to manage incoming reports, cases, issue fines, & isolate individual meters from the national virtual map for analysis. We can provide the software alone or setup the control center infrastructure as well. This includes Mainframe control room equipment, Servers & on-field data collection Tablets.