We work with our partners to design and produce custom made hardware for technology solutions that require hardware. We prototype, Mass produce & supply hardware to our Clients and partners.

Media Portals

We designed an solution poised at transforming education from analog to a more digitally accessible one. This initiative meant we had to not only build the software and produce the interactive audiovisuals, but also build a custom tablet that can be used in the Classroom. Taking into consideration the infrastructure limitations, we designed devices from ground up that can serve as a gateway portal to access digital learning materials. The devices used as the media portals included rugged LCD tablets, and Electrophorective E-ink display tablets, plus accessories to enable the devices to be used anywhere even in very remote rural areas. Our devices are not limited to the classroom, but can also be used in Industrial facilities, Commercial spaces, & Field workers using it as an access point to transfer data whiles on the field.

We also provide device management software to monitor & manage devices deployed to personnel for projects, which enable the administrator to set geolocation boundaries, remotely lock stolen devices, transfer files to and from devices whiles on the field, install apps to all devices at once. tracking missing devices, and many more. The devices we supply in this category includes;

Tablet computers

Rugged Tablets (Military grade)

Access point tablets

E-ink Displays

Portable power supply units for tablets

Device Management software system

Data Collection devices

As part of our access control solutions and software systems we have a plethora of data collection devices, from Biometric data collection, to OCR cameras. We also provide equipment to help institutions convert all their paper records to digitally accesible indexed files, powered by our Enterprise Document management system. So we provide Biometric data collections devices, bulk document scanning equipment, and Data/ User Verification devices. We also rent out the equipment for limitrd duration projects that doesnt require the overhead cost of acquiring such equipment.

Biometric data collection devices

Access control units

Enterprise scanning devices

Control Center & Server equipment

After deploying our enterprise software solutions, we build Control center infrastructure to administer such systems. A typical control center infrature we provide is made up of Giant Videowall displays, Dektop access point computers, Server room with hybrid server solutions, and security systems to protect the integrity of the control center. We can build a NASA level control center fully equiped and connected to the firm's Operations software. With the help of our ISP partner, we will ensure you have reliable broadband internet to power the control center and where necessary, provide internet via satelite to remote off-grid areas.

We provide turn-key Control centres, You provide the room and we build everything in there, not only the equipment needed, but also the infrastructure to enable the control centre function optimally. After setup we also provide continuous technical support with regular check-ups to make sure operations run smoothly without downtime.

Large control center Videowall Screens

Desktop conputers as access points

Networking, Furnishing & Power supply of Control center

Biometric access control for staff

Control center management software

Reliable internet via Broadband or Satelite