Our efforts over the years touching all walks of life. We never ever shy away from our people centered main objective. Bringin more than devices to the schools, Our technologies & solutions serve everyone especially those who need it most.

Helping the Blind to see

At thr peak of the pandemic and realizing the gaps in our education delivery, we were requestef to deliver our rugged tablets to students in the Physically challenged schools nationwide, those who needed it most. We distributed 3000 devices to students at special schools all over the country both for basic & senior high schools. From the Dzorwulu Special school to the Kumasi school for the Deaf & Blind. The devices have transformed learning and are still being used to this day.

Education for Everyone

We have digitized lots of learning materials from the local curriculumn by making them accessible as E-books, Animated videos, Interactive quizes, and Audiobooks. As part of the Education Digitization initiative which we did with the Ghana Ministry of Education, we made these digitized learning materials to select schools nationwide where students were able to access the learning materials through tablets we issued them. The success of which we hope to scale nationally in our quest to make Education accessible to all.

Job Creation

Even though most of our devices begin their production process in China, we have moved our device assembly & packaging to the shores of Ghana, Wes Africa, where we setup a facility, trained people and got them to work assembling & packaging the devices. Not only that but also, we trained artisans on how they can make accessories for the products, and others on how to repair our deployed devices when they break down.

Vocational Training for Informal sector

We embarked on an initiative to create virtual lessons of vocation training not only for the formally trained but for the informal persons as well in ther local dialects. We did this by capturing classroom sessions at ATTC and making available on a learning platform accessible to everyone in the country. A pilot group which consisted of a wide demography from adults already working to non-TVET students, all of whom in no time gained vocational skills worthy of employment, even though they had no previous vocational training.

'Go Solar' Renewable Power to the People

The Rural renewable energy project funded by the World bank under the Auspices of the Ministry of Energy was a large success and one which yielded results far beyond expectations and continue to benefit the people till today. This was a project which we were engaged in to conduct Research on the project's feasibility and impact after implementation. Our effort helped shed light on the project, showed its impact and galvanized stakeholders to further extend the project to reach more communities, and participants to become green energy advocates.

Helping Small Businesses

We setup a small unit dedicated to helping small businesses take advantage of our connected economy. Where they can scale up their businesses to reach a global audience without expanding their physical space. Our Small Business Enterprises (SBE) unit helps such businesses by providing a digital brand presence through sometimes a website, E-commerce solutions to help them sell online, Social network marketing campaigns and training them on how to sustain their digital presence after we are done with them.