Industries we serve

Oil & Gas

We offer a digitized ecosystem for the Oil & Gas sector where we deploy monitoring systems that blends hardware, software, geospatial data & artificial intelligence to accurately track oil from the collection point to the storage & distribution points. We offer a turn-key package where clients can make choices based on a plethora of tools to fit their specific needs. Each solution is tailored to meet the client's unique requirement. We also advice what tools to deploy after we analyse the technological gaps within the entity's operational workflow.

The system connects all operations and stakeholders on one platform. It then use Data collection and process Automation powered by Advanced monitoring technology to provide Revenue protection through operational data analysis by detecting anomalies in the operational workflow to assist management in decision making. Our technology solutions for the Oil & Gas industry include;

BRV Fleet Management

This consists of Trackers, Sensors & Satellite surveillance tools to provide a foolproof system that captures Geospatial data from multiple locations simultaneously for a wholistic presentation & analysis. We provide a real-time monitoring dashboard that shows all the various indexed BRV vehicles hauling oil products in transit across the entire country. The system also uses Geofencing to detect & report when a vehicle leaves its designated course.

Pipeline Monitoring & Inspection

We have a very robust system for monitoring pipelines over a wide area. This system works by deploying Drones to capture Pipeline routes & other remote assets that cant be inspected physically by personnel. Such monitoring prevents Overgrowth of vegetation, 3rd-party Construction over buried pipelines, Bush fires & other hazards close to exposed pipelines. It also helps with Monitoring ongoing installations & repair works. We offer; Scheduled Periodic & Emergency flights, with 24/7 Rapid response team ready to scramble to incident areas.

Depot monitoring & Automation

This is a management solution designed to connect operationalization of a depot into a digital framework where activities can be automated. such as

Tank storage monitoring &control

Facility access control

Truck loading and offloading log

Deliver Order booking

CCTV for Vehicle & product verification

Inventory reconciliation

Asset management

Equiped with a control center, our system provides a birdseye view of all assets owned by the client and realtime report of each item in the inventory. It can be extended to monitor operations and flag anomalies or operational inefficiencies when they are detected

Consumption Analysis

We have inteliggent systems that can monitor fuel movement & consumption trends to present a graphical analysis of storage patterns to predict whether there will adequate amount of fuel in resevrves for a certain time period. This presentation helps management make data driven analytical decisions.