Projects Portfolio

Digital Education Systems (DES)

This is an initiative that blends hardware, software & digital media to make quality education accessible to all Ghanaians irrespective of their social or infrastructural limitations. It is a joint partnership between RS & the Ministry of Education to transform education in Ghana from analog to a digital more accessible one. Under this project, we developed the hardware, built the operating software & produced the multimedia educational content. Since inception, DES has provided quality learning to students all over the country.

Virtual Classroom (XtraClass)

It is the first of its kind, classroom broadcasting system built in Ghana. The XtraClass virtual learning platform is designed to enable students access their classroom from anywhere. It offers students the ability to literally join the classroom from anywhere on the globe by watching their teacher as he/she is teaching on the board. Students can remotely stream any classroom, pause and repeat any lecture until they understand. It is offered both as a web platform & mobile app.

Ghana Knowledge Bank (GKB)

Another initiative developed as a national repository for all learning materials. It is to serve as a main point to access learning materials from different platforms and institutions. It is also a place designed to accumulate and store knowledge and skills from all the various disciplines in a digitally accessible format. It is a platform to power other online libraries both public and private ones. The platfrom also served as an information dissemination mechanism where data/ files can be sent to target demographics anywhere in the country.

National Student Electronic ID Card project

In a bid to create a database for all Senior High students in the country, the National Student E-ID card project was born. It is an initiative that collected biometric data from students and provided them with electronic ID cards they can use to access resources and confirm receipt of resources. The card can be used not only to identify students, but also as a national ID card to access amenities & firms that require identity confirmation. The Card No. issued to students can be used from basic through to Tertiary institutions

SmartBook Tablets

Most of our technological solutions require hardware access points. As such we have developed dedicated Tables that are very rugged and designed to work in all settings even in harsh environments and remote areas. We have over the years developed bespoke Tablets from E-ink display to full color LCD tablets. We work in conjunction with our OEM partners to mass produce these devices. Our Tablets are currently ranked as one of the most durable in the market. We are currently working with some partners to setup a device assembly plant in Ghana.

GEDAP Solar Project

A project Contracted by the Association of Ghana Solar Industries under the auspices of GEDAP, we conducted the research, data collection, sensitization and documentating of the Rural Solar electrification project for the World Bank. This was a project that used our technologies to conduct the Research and perform assessment on the impact of the project within the participating communities. We provided hardware, software and media services for the project.

Kasoa Interchange visualization

Together with the Ministry of Roads & Highways, we helped visualize the Kasoa interchange & road construction project. This is in line with numerous national projects we brought to life through our interactive visual simulations. Our creative team is well vexed in the visualization field & are equipped with all the necessary tools to help bring any idea into reality using virtual digital media. We produced all the Animations and mass media sensitization for the Kasoa interchange project.

National TVET Academy

An online learning platform designed to help both TVET & non-TVET students learn vocational skills they can use in the job market. The National TVET Academy pulls together vocational training tutorials from many sources and provides them as curated courses anyone can learn from. We even have special courses for those in the informal sector in their local dialects. The platform is accessible via web and mobile portals. This project is currently being piloted at the Accra Technical Training Center (ATTC)

Our Client base

Over the years we have served both Government & Privately owned commercial firms, Our technology and creativity has touched several brave and ambitious Brands which includes but not limited to: