Software engineering is a key part of our business and one that led to the inception of the entity in the first place. We pride ourself on our trackrecord of exceptional software development over the years. And a client base that includes Government institutions and big industrial firms. We deliver enterprise grade software solutions and digital transformations of entire firms. We develop digital ecosystems which helps companies migrate from analog to a completely digitized operational system, using all the tools at our disposal from web mobile to desktop & automation.

Web solutions

A service which the company was founded on, we started with static websites then migrated to much more dynamic ones. We pioneered web applications development on this side of the sahara when web based technology and the world wide web was penetrating here. We have harnesed our skill and improved our capability immensely to meet today's web based requirements. We currently offer fuly featured web based applications in the areas of;

Web based cloud applications

Web based Access portal for on-premise applications

Full featured web applications

E-commerce platforms

Interactive Product Landing pages


We also gravitated to mobile technology at its early days and have embraced the mobile first approach to technology deployment. We have invested a lot into sharpening our mobile development skills & talent pool. When it comes to mobile development we handle all aspects of the development cycle from ideation, to management of the app after deploymen. Most of our revenue generating modules are in our in-house applications we have deployed, and others more under develoment. Our capabilities in mobile development encompasses;

Mobile UI/UX

Cross platform Applications

Android development

iOS App development

App management

Enterprise Software (ERP, CMS, DMS)

We build and deploy bespoke enterprise software solutions. We deploy Enterprise Resource planning software to help firms digitize their every day operations and workflow. We also deploy Client Management Systems to entities with vast client bases to ease in their management. Weve also over the years built and deployed Revenue managment systems for entities who want absolute control of their financials, track Receivables & payables. Not only that but also we are currently developing Asset management systems to help entities track and manage their assets remotely with a general overview of their entire operational value-chain made accessible on one system. We are certified by leading enterprise technology providers, ensuring solutions we deploy meet both operational and security standards withing the industry they operate in.

For companies who are not ready to make such an investment, we deploy over the counter solutions for them if our analysis show that will fit their needs. For bespoke enterprise software development we provide solutions in;

AMS - Asset Management System

RMS - Revenue Management System

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planner

CMS - Client Management System

DMS - Device Management System


We analyze the client's business operation and workflow to identify gaps that can be filled by technology to further enhance operational efficiency, this opens up the possibility to automate aspects of the workflow. We leverage on both hardware and software to facilitate such automations. Some systems require software automation, others require both hardware and software. With our diverse disciplines, we can call on our hardware and software expereice to develop such automations. Our sutomation services are ususally baked into our enterprise solutions, but can also be deployed to meet specific tasks which doenst require a full enterprise solution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered software automations

IOT powered Automations

Digital Ecosystem

For entities that want the full digital transformations, we provide a wholistic solution where we study your organization, access all aspect of your operational workflow and draft a digital transition plan which will encompass all aspects of the workflow from Human resource management to book keeping. We will then deploy a solution which includes several software systems, web applications, mobile apps, and devices to create a digital ecosystem where operating the business becomes a virtual experience, one that improves operational effieciency and take full advantage of digital, cloud and data analytics technology to move your office from the ground to the clouds. Contact us to give you the full experience.

Paperless transition for entities who want to go paperless

Entities who want to introduce or transition to a Remote workflow

Bridging existing isolated softwares systems into one database for easy to management