Our Capabilities

We have separated our operations into 3 departments with each pioneering different technologies in their respective fields. Our 3 main divisions work hand in hand to build technologies that collectively come together to form wholistic solutions. We connect people to solutions in meaningful ways using design & technology. We challenge our clients to change the status quo, re-think the way they do business, &define what they do next.


We have over the years developed bespoke hardware to host our software solutions. We are involved in every aspect of the product development process, from industrial design to mass production. We leverage on our extensive supply chain network to produce high quality devices at very reasonable prices. Our devices include Tablet computers, biometric data collection devices, etc.

We also continue to Research & develop new hardware in line with changing demands & supply chain limitations to meet our targets.

We design & develop the Smartbook learning tablets,


A core part of our business, our software development cuts across a large spectrum of information technology. With specialization in enterprise software, software services for national use, Micro-services, Security infrastructure, Big data management, Artificial intelligence and data analytics. We also have expertise in Geospatial technologies for mapping & realtime tracking of assets on virtual maps.

Web based applications

Mobile applications for all popular platforms

Enterprise Software development

Control centers

Native Desktop solutions

Digitization and Automation of Corporate Operational processes

Creative Media

Our multimedia division has over the years created interactive tech driven audio-visual content for both local & international clients. Our expertise in 3D Animation has been in high demand over the years. Equipped with a state of the art studio, we have all the tools needed to creative rich interactive media. Our state of the art studios has produced content & full length Shows for both TV3 and Viasat 1. Our creative house offers

Interactive media

2D & 3D Animations

Video Documentaries, Commercials & Infomercials

Online & Social media marketing

Professional Video & Audio production Stuidio Equipment

Research & Development

We conduct extensive research on each project we do, leveraging on our team's experience in anthropological studies, we make all solutions we design is based on facts which are derived from extensive research. After identifying the human need, we then use existing technologies to craft bespoke solutions which may take the form of a device, mobile app or a digital service.

Concept Development

New Product Development

Rapid Hardware & Software Prototyping

Industrial design

Anthropological Studies

Socio-Economic impact assessment


Consumer Research

Insights + Planning

Digital Platform Strategy

Content Strategy


Solutions Architecture


R & D



Product + Service Innovation

Experience Design

Interactive + Visual Design


System Scalability

Solutions Architecture

Animation + Video


Technical Planning

Web + App Development

Enterprise Software

ERP + CMS + Ecommerce

Data Science + Analytics

Mobile App

Desktop solution

Control Centers